Diabetic Diet Reviews© is a part-time project funded and ran by myself Neil Anderson. As a former overweight type-2 diabetic I got informed by my Doctor about my condition. I got anxious and worried about the bad news. My Doctor informed about getting blood sugar back to normal was possible with dieting and exercising.

I understood the great importance of this and decided to take action. I started searching the internet for specific training and dieting aimed to reverse type-2 diabetes. What I found was some programs that could be bought claiming they could reverse type-2 diabetes. I really wasn’t interested at first.

I instead decided to educate myself on dieting and exercising. I was met by free information on the internet on forums and networks about people telling this and that.. about dieting and exercising. It seemed like it was just people guessing and making up their own theories about what was beneficial to diabetics and which not. I got tired about the misleading information and decided to start studying on my own.

Studying on my was hard but it payed off. I got educated  a lot about “Diabetes-Mellitus”, the way that the blood sugar in our body works, insulin and loosing weight. When I tried out my new knowledge I at first felt like something wasn’t happening, I seemed to not getting the result as I though I would based on what I’d read. But pursuing with trying my own knowledge I got some positive result. My blood sugar got a bit better but far from what was critical to reversing my diabetes. After trying even more on my own studying I didn’t get now further more than the small result I got at the beginning.

At this stage I had almost given up. With no further result after months of studying I looked at myself as very knowledgeable on the Diabetes-subject but how much I knew the facts I didn’t get no further results. I read the testimonials on the different Diabetic Diet programs on the market. There was a lot of people who was positive and some who were actually amazed by the results they’d got.

There were of course negative ones but after reading the comments what they were actually saying which were basically a lot of complaints about the dieting being too hard or not tasty enough. I both got chocked on how people complained about such small things (to say the least) about the dieting being not tasty enough with on the other hand having the possibility to reversing a such a terrible disease which can have devastating outcomes.

I looked back at the positive comments and realized that the people who were succeeding were the ones who were really dedicated to reverse their diabetes and the negative ones were people who were complaining about theses un-relevant things. I though to myself, I am ready to do whatever it takes to reverse my dieting no matter if the dieting is not tasty. I bought the program and was eager to find out if the facts I know were the same as in the book. When I started reading the book I was first changed my the mindset the program


The goal of Diabetic Diet Review is to provide information to it’s visitors on the different Diabetic Diet Programs available on the market and give honest reviews as well as to provide detailed information on what the visitors may have. Diabetic Diet Reviews strive to have the latest updates on the field of Diabetic Reversing-Programs and provide new information to it’s visitors as fast as possible.

Diabetic Diet Reviews also have a weekly newsletter. The goal of Diabetic Diet Reviews Weekly Newsletter is to give free valuable content for it subscribers. The content may include articles, either it’s own published on this website or may link to a third party or medical journeys in the field of Diabetes with focus on dieting, exercising and breakthroughs within the field. The Content may also be of video format linking to either it’s own website or third party networks such as Youtube etc. The videos focus on beneficial videos of combining healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners as well as training and other game changing and beneficial facts and news within the field.

The Content of the Newsletter is not only the focus in itself. The Newsletter also strive to spread positive energy, inspire motivation and to give the subscribers a key mindset to improve living with their condition. Lastly also provide Type-2 Diabetics to optimize their best potential to reverse their condition.



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